Face Paint - Historia makijażu

Author: Lisa Eldridge
Publisher: Abrams
Size: 203 x 240 mm
Pages: 240
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Language: English
Publication date: 13/10/2015
ISBN: 9781419717963
Availability: 2
45.00 PLN 69.90 PLN
Make-up, as we know it, has only been commercially available in the last 100 years, but applying decoration to the face and body may be one of the oldest global social practices. Lisa Eldridge, one of the world’s foremost make-up artists—with a very large and loyal public following of her own—has written the first real history of the subject. Face Paint will explore the reasons behind make-up’s use, the actual materials employed and manufactured through the ages, the icons that people emulate, the impact on women’s lives and the present and future of make-up from high profile practitioners artists to cosmetic breakthroughs. Along with the glamorous trappings, this is also about women’s history and the ways in which we can understand their story through the prism of make-up. About the Author(s): Lisa Eldridge is a London-based professional makeup artist who has developed a huge online following with her award-winning website, Lisaeldridge.com. She has worked with many of the world’s top fashion photographers and on the faces of the biggest stars and models. Eldridge is currently Global Makeup Creative Director for Lancôme and has also held Global Creative Director, Developmental, and Ambassador roles at Shiseido, Chanel and Boots.