Man on the Moon #2 - Photo Issue

Publication date: Summer 2018
Language: English / Spanish
Cover: Soft
Availability: 2
69.90 PLN
‘Man on the moon’ tells different stories for every man who are looking for a dream, who is sure that he can change the world and for that, he has to change himself first. That is the reason why it is a valuable support to tell the stories and the DNA behind the brand. to show those products that will become the KEY tools for our readers to achieve their dreams. Everyone has a dream, big or small, fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled. That’s why ‘man on the moon’ is an international magazine, published in Spanish and English, which is distributed in the 25 cities where the trends are set. From Los Angeles to Berlin. From Milan to San Francisco. It is a publication that seeks to influence all the men of the world. And also to the women who surround them, their partners, resounding prescribers in many of the reading and buying decisions. The themes of ‘man on the moon’ goes beyond the usual, covering territories to which the rest of the magazines do not reach. It is directed to those men who know what the world is like, but want to go deeper into it, to the authentic XXIst century explorers. It offers a global vision of what happens in cities, but also talks about THE ADVENTURE OF ENJOYING outdoor LIFE. It boards leisure, fashion, BEAUTY, GASTRONOMY, automobiles or culture, but also the media, new business or politics. ‘Man on the Moon’ has born to bring something new to the newsstands.