Scenario #4

Publication date: Summer 2017
Language: English
Pages: 72
Cover: Soft
Size: 22 x 31 cm
ISSN: 9771904465004
Availability: 2
69.90 PLN
Unmistakeably high quality publication from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (what a name!), Scenario takes a look at trends, ideas, visions… anything future-esque essentially. This is something between a magazines and a journal, both intellectually stimulating and culturally on the button. What it definitely is, is fascinating. We’ve lost many an hour reading ideas and concepts of how the world might change in the future, what will be the big winners and who might lose out (a world without physical magazines is definitely not likely). Forward looking, intelligently written, excellently designed and with some interesting perspectives. The fact that this is the English language version just makes it even better.