The Modern Man Guide

Author: Jake Millar
Publisher: Abrams Chronicle
Size: 185 x 160mm
Pages: 128
Cover: Hard
Language: English
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 9781925418118
69.00 PLN
This sleek guide combines the wit of Glenn OBriens How to be Man, with the style and tone of cult fashion magazine Fantastic Man. With tips on everything from dating to careers, it will appeal equally to the twenty-something Urban Outfitters fan as the established career man, who shops at Mr Porter and has his sights set on that corner office. Combining quirky two-colour illustrations with tips, facts and famous quotes, The Modern Man Guide delivers serious advice in a witty, cheeky tone more like talking to your cool best friend than listening to a lecture from your dad. Divided into six key areas of style, grooming, food & drink, work, leisure and dating, its a cheats guide to everything the modern man needs to be his best. Topics like fashion, career advice or choosing the right wine are often dry and boring. While other mens guides take themselves too seriously and end up turning the reader off, this book engages with its cheeky, irreverent voice.